Arnold Palmer - Look This Way Please!

Get your copy of this limited-edition book dedicated to Arnold Palmer and his influence on print advertising.

Every Coffee Table Needs This Book

"Arnold Palmer, Look This Way Please! – 120 Years of Golfers in Advertising" by Alastair J. Johnston and James O. Johnston is a numbered limited-edition book dedicated to Arnold Palmer and his influence on print advertising. This book also features over 300 notable golfers and over 1,300 print ads from 1900-2019; with Mr. Palmer represented in 169 of these images.

Follow the story of a young Mr. Palmer, who grew up in western Pennsylvania in the post-depression years; who would later become an American icon and receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.

Mr. Palmer was respected and admired by so many, to an extent where his commentary, opinions, and judgement in representing corporate entities, brands, products and services exerted compelling influence for over half a century.

With a gift of $400 to the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation, you will receive one of 600 numbered limited edition books in recognition of your meaningful support.

A special thanks to the authors, Alastair J. Johnston and James O. Johnston, for gifting these books to the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation.

For more information, please contact the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation by sending an email to or call (407) 876-8035.

  • Dimensions: 14”x11”x2”
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Page count: 480
  • Numbered edition, limited to 600 copies

About the Authors

In the late 1960's Alastair J. Johnston was initially recruited by Mark McCormack, the founder of IMG, which became the corporate behemoth that has historically been regarded as the fledgling entity that pioneered today's multi-billion dollar sports marketing industry. After McCormack's death in 2003, Alastair succeeded him as Co-Chief Executive Officer of the company.

In 1977, Johnston, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and a graduate of the University of Strathclyde Business School, was assigned the responsibility of overseeing the business affairs of IMG's first and most influential client, Arnold Palmer. This personal relationship flourished until the legendary golfer passed in 2016. During an extended ongoing career with IMG, Johnston engaged with many of the greatest golfers of the era and was integrally involved with the respective commercial arrangements of many of them, as well as with the institutions and federations that governed the sport. 

One of Alastair's previous books, "The Chronicles of Golf: 1457-1857," was compiled with his father, James F. Johnston. He is delighted that in presenting this publication that he has been able to collaborate with his own son, James O. Johnston.

James recently graduated from Ithaca College, New York, with a degree in Film Production and Marketing Communications.