A lifetime of Golf inspired by Mr. Palmer

I took up golf at age 11 because of Arnie. I was born in Greensburg, Pa,  in 1950 and being another "AP" didn't hurt by desrie to play golf. First round of golf was at Mt. Odin( aka Carridac Heights) public golf course in Greensburg. Later on in high school I was the 10th man on a 10 man Greensburg Salem golf team, & played Latrobe C. C. in 1967-68.  I caddied at Greensburg C.C.  mainly to be able to play a C. C. quality course. I have loved the game of golf for over 50+ years, and still love to play. The experiences, the friends and wonderful memories I have from my lifetime of golf, are all due to Arnold Palmer. Arnold's father reminded me of my father, even though my father didn't play golf, it was that good old fashion, solid western Pa. working class work ethic and values. Mr. Palmer was and will always be my hero, my idol, and a role model for anyone. What a wonderful world this would be if there were many, MANY more Arnold Palmers..!!!  Thank you for the inspiration to start playing golf, and the lifetime of wonderful memories it has given me.  What you have done off the course far, far exceeds your fabulous accomplishments of the course, you have made the world a better place, for sure.I get a special pleasure when one of my golf buddies calls me "AP". God Bless the Palmer family and ALL of Arnie's Army.