1982 Senior Tour Hermitage CC, Manakin Sabot, VA

As a 15 year old scoreboard holder for Bert Weaver's group the first day and local junior golfer, I received free admission into  the event the next day. I followed Mr. Palmer's group off #1 tee and knew I was watching "greatness" as he teed off. His second shot on the par 4 went over the green, up a steep hill in deep rough. I knew he was doomed having been there before with a a downhill, deep lie to a green sloping away from him and very fast. He hit his chip. It rolled, and rolled, and rolled down the slick green right into the hole. The crowd went nuts as I stood there in amazement at the magic. Two holes later, he hit his tee shot into the woods on a Par 4. I was in the woods with his caddie and him surveying the shot. He looked at me in between his survey of the shot, which he blasted through the trees onto the green. His forearms were like tree trunks. I will never forget him, and the look in my eyes he gave. I was his Army moving forward!