I met the King!

I first met Arnold in the summer of 1973.  The Courier Journal advertised an exhibition match  between him and Frank Beard.  I had to go, as it was half way between Louisville, KY and Cincinnatti, OH, on the interstate.  Not sure  of the course, but I do remember there were an estimated 5,000 fans there.  Frank Beard won the match by two strokes, and they both stayed afterwards and signed as many autographs as there were people who wanted them.  I asked my friend to take a picture of me shaking Arnold's hand.  She did and she got all of him and most of my arm, none of me otherwise.  But, it was fine.  I was shaking literally, as I said "I have been waiting 100 years to meet you..."  He just smiled and shook my hand.  What a great man and a kind person, a wonderful inspiration to all of golf.  He is the reason I took up the game, practiced the way I did, played competitively and still play today at the ripe old age of 63.  Long live the King!