Interviewing Arnie

As a novice TV sportscaster in Charleston SC I went to Hilton Head for the Heritage Classic.

As I stood behind the 18th green and saw Arnie in the fairway. "I've got to interview the King" I told George my photographer.

After he putted out I intercepted him as he came off the green.

"Mr. Palmer would you have time for an interview?" I asked.

"Sure" he said "just let me sign my card".

A few minutes later he came back and said "Now, what was your name again?" I told him and he said "ok".

He stood there and did about a 10 minute interview where I probably asked him one stupid question after another.

Never impatient, always answering as if he'd never been asked that question before. You would've thought he had nothing else to do that day.

When we finished I shook hands with him and thanked him for being so gracious with his time.

When I went to edit the piece I realized he had mentioned my name somewhere in the answer to every question. Arnie knew that I wouldn't be using the entire interview, that I'd pull out one sound bite. So whichever answer I used, there was Bobby talking to his pal Arnie, who was calling him by name.

I realized Arnie knew more about my business than I did!

This small gesture was so typical of the man, thinking how he could help others.

By the way I think Arnie shot 79 or 80 that day and still had time to be pleasant and generous with his time to a small time local tv guy.

How many of those on Tour today would do that?

Thats what made Arnold Palmer "The King".

There will never be another like him.