Hitch hicken

What I remember about it was my brother was living in N Y .i was going to see him what no it was I can't remember I no it was cold and raining I was hitch hicken it was getting late and all I wanted was a ride to anywhere so I could get out of the cold I was frozen.and here come a big car I I said to my self he won't pick me up and to my surprise it stop boy was I glad I got in and a man and lady was in the car he ask me where I was going and I told him I was going to New York to see my brother he must new there i was cold  he turn the heat up .Will we rode about a 30in and he said he's was all most home and he said to me do you have money to buy you some food and I told him no  the next thing I new he was at this motel and he went in he came back with a motel key he told me it was for me when I got out of the car he said take this and buy you some food ..And after he left I look at he money it was a 100dollor bill.. after all he said his name was Arnie Palmer at that time I did not play golf so I didn't no who he's was it must have been years later and I see him on T V and I said that was the man that give me that money ..And I started to play golf after that ..I always wanted to meet him and to say thanks but what a man he did not have to do what he done for me in my world he's a man of man ..May God be with him  Carlos.