Arnie's golf clinic

Arnie graciously gave a free golf clinic to a group of Air Traffic controllers  from the Boston ARTCC at Westover Air Force base in 1965(?) We were astounded at some of the shots he told us he would hit. One that has always stood out for me is when he dropped a ball, stepped on it in the soft earth and then gouged it of that lie with a three wood and hit it right at a tree about 250 yds. away. This was followed by that wonderful smile of his. I still have a picture of Arnold taken that day with a couple of officers from the base. We controllers always considered it a treat to talk with Arnie when he was flying his AirCommander. He was my golfing hero. The last time I got to speak with him was at a tournament at Bay Hill. There was a delay in play and he came over to the ropes and talked with us in that welcoming manner he had. Thank you Arnie and God bless.