30 seconds with Arnie felt like we were friends for life

In 1986 while working at Prestancia Golf Course in Sarasota, Florida,  I had the fortune to meet Mr. Palmer while he was there playing in The Chrysler Cup which was similar to the Ryder Cup.   I was in the Golf Shop when Mr. Palmer came by and said he needed to make a phone call.  I showed him a phone and while turning to go to give him privacy, he asked me not to leave.  After a minute or two on the phone, instead of me asking about him he asked about me and made me feel like we were best friends catching up on lost time.   In the few minutes we shared, he made me feel like a friend forever, which I always will be.   And that's what, in only 30 seconds, Mr. Palmer could do.  I have been since 1986 and will forever be, a member of Arnie's Army.