The Beginning Came at the End

my story of Arnold Palmer is one of a different generation. I was 10 years old when I watched Mr. Palmer play in his final US open. I asked my dad why they were making such a big deal about some old guy that wasn't winning. And that's when I learned about the legend of Arnold Palmer. My dad was a Pennsylvania man, from Pittsburgh and probably had more passion for Arnie than for the game of golf. I learned the game from my dad, and began to learn the history of Arnold Palmer. I ended up learning so much more. While I learned that my swing didn't have to look perfect, I learned to have fun with the game. But I also learned to have other passions. That it was ok to show love and passion for other people. And being a quality man is more important than a quality golfer. I know this isn't the best story of Arnold Palmer, I never met the man. But since I was 10 years old, I looked up to him, and he left a lasting impact on my life. Thank you Mr. Palmer, for helping me learn to love life, as much as I love the game of golf.