My "Weekend with Arnie"

Like a lot of people, I started playing golf  and especially watching golf because of Arnold Palmer. Back in the late 1990's the Senior Tour held a tournament in Concord Mass. My wife knew I was a huge Arnie fan but I had never seen him play in person. She surprised me with my own "weekend with Arnie" which included tickets to all the rounds, hotel etc; etc; I was in heaven and literally followed Arnie around every day during the practice rounds and the actual tournament, he must have thought I was stalking him! I had a copy of his autobiography with me and he graciously autographed it during a practice round. Another fan told me to send him anything I wanted autographed and he would sign and return it. Later when I got home I sent my picture of him walking over the bridge at St Andrews to Arnold Palmer Latrobe, PA and asked him to please sign and return with a greeting. It was returned a few weeks later with the message, To Dave, Best wishes, and signed Arnold Palmer. WOW!....But the best is that during the last round of the tournament, Arnie was way back of the leaders and teed off early, I followed him every hole. I was walking along the ropes and following him while he walked up the middle of the 15th fairway when he suddenly walked over to me and said Hi  and asked me how I was doing.! I mumbled something about watching him play golf and how much I enjoyed seeing him play etc;etc...he couldn't have been nicer and gave me a wave and walked back to the mid fairway to hit his shot. Unbelieveable experience which I still get goose bumps thinking about. I was fortunate to see him and say Hi as he passed a couple of times the last 2 years at his tourney in Florida and despite his health issues, he was still gracious and welcoming to everyone. He was the definition of class, there is no finer example. God Bless Arnold Palmer!