Mr. Palmer reminds me of my late father

I've watched Mr. Palmer for years on TV, and always felt a connection even through the screen.  When my father passed away, I watched an interview with Mr. Palmer and for some reason I connected again with him, but this time on a whole different level.  He reminds me so much of my father, that it's scary.  This past winter, my wife and I stayed at Disney for a couple of months, and the weekend we were supposed to leave to go back North, we got tickets to the tournament at Bay Hill, and although I didn't get a chance to actually meet him, he passed right in front of us in his cart.  It felt like a hug from him, even though we never touched.  I will never forget him, and I hope that he has a chance to meet my Dad, they would hit it off right away, and be best friends.  I will see them both some day, and hope to get a real hug from both of them.