50th anniversary of first win at Weston GC, Canada

I was fortunate to play in a pro am to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Arnie's first PGA win at Weston in Toronto. Arnie flew into Toronto that morning, went to a charity event at the Hospital for Sick Children, spent the day at Weston making the rounds to all the players in the pro-am, and then was the guest of honour at a dinner that night. He spoke without notes, remembering names and events, and wove together themes of golf nostalgia, community service and and other anecdotes, to cap off a wonderful day. What a gentleman. He signed a book for me, which i sent to my brother-in-law in England who was in the final stages of cancer. A small thing for him, he has done so much more, but it meant a lot to me and my brother-in-law. I will never forget that day.