An experience with Arnie in 1960

In 1960, I joined Arnie's Army at the Bermuda Dunes C.C. during the Bob Hope Classic.  As I followed down the fairways, I observed Arnie stopping between golf shots to talk with many spectators.  After the round was over, I headed to the closest watering hole at the Palm Desert Inn.  Many golf pros were there and it was a festive atmosphere.  In walks Arnie and he sat next to me at the bar.  I asked him if I could buy him a beverage and he cordially said yes.  Standing in back of his bar stool was a bevy of very attractive ladies, who had followed him in Arnie's Army that day. After seeing me buy Arnie a beverage, they said..what about us?  I requested the bartender to set 'em up.  Anyway, the party continued into the evening.  Golf Pro Doug Sanders was present, having a great time.  I read in the newspaper thereafter that Doug did not make his tee time the next morning.  Years later, I recounted that evening to Arnie and he smiled.  I have an autographed photo I sent to Latrobe, PA., in which Arnie sent Best Wishes to me and my 4 children.