L.A. Open - - Rancho Park

I'd been a member of Arnie's Army for a while then.  I celebrated the wins and groaned over the defeats.  I finally got to see him at the 1966 L.A. Open (3rd round, I think).  He had a huge gallery, and as I  remember it, was about 10 or more deep.  During that time, lots of us viewed the action through those old cardboard and mirror periscopes.  It was a real crush, and being rather short myself, I had a very hard time seeing anything, even with the periscope.   But it really didn't matter.  Arnie was playing well, the crowd was energized, and in the middle of the round, he started making birdies.  I ran crazily from one hole to the next.  I pushed my way to the front and finally saw my hero.  He eventually made seven birdies in a  row and  set a course record 62.  I never met Arnie, but I felt some of his magic that day.  I've been a golf fan for 58 years now.  I'm sure that's because of Arnie.