2014 Masters

In 2014 while stationed at Fort Gordon I was able to work security for The Masters Tournament and be one of only 4 posted on Magnolia Lane.  Mr. Palmer riding in a van with his family had the driver stop just past the guard shack. This is when he opened the door looked right at me and asked, Eric would you might if we got out to take a picture. The most amazing thing was that Mr. Palmer spoke to me and it made me feel like it was a normal everyday conversation. I recall telling him Absolutely Mr. Palmer, he shook my hand, pictures were snapped and they were on their way. I have never met my hero's in person, and have always wondered what I would say or how I would act. That moment will always be cherished by me not only because I met my bigger then life hero, but it was also paired up with beino able to watch the Saturday pairings with my dad who introduced me to this beautiful game. Thankeep you Arnold Palmer for all that you did in life, and for all the memories you will provide us with to carry on your memory for generations.