Have been working for a french company in charge to build golf courses and to organise international golf tournaments during the 80's & the 90's.  

My boss, Gaetan Mourgue d'Algue, was the founder of the Lancome Trophy. 

He was the person  who makes things happening with Mr Robert Mc Cormack to welcome Arnold Palmer to play the Lancome Trophy. 

In 1994, I was in Saint-Nom la Bretèche beside Paris for this golf tournament.

I saw the Arnie's Army on the golf course  encouraging him for all shots. 

That was really unusual and so sweet, all passionated by this amazing player.

At the end of the eighteen holes, I met Arnold Palmer and asked him an autograph. 

He signed on my Lancome book with a big smile and he thanked me. Wow! What a surprise? I wanted to thank him first but he has been quicker than me. How many people around him? I don't know. It was so busy!!!

People of all ages and he had a word for each one. My warmest memory is that his smile was illuminated his face as a child who just enjoys the life with his good friends and wants to make them happier. 

I am keeping this momentum in mind each time I play golf and try to not forget that it is just a game and a time to share with friends, with the nature, with the golf course and always in harmony. 

RIP Mister Palmer and help us to follow your example.