A Life Full of Purpose

When we lose someone like Arnold Palmer, words can't put into perspective the void created. I never met Arnie in person but have watched him quite a bit through the years along with digging deeper into who he is prompted by his passing. I offer condolence to his entire family. I can only imagine what they are going through given the emotions I have encountered since he passed away. I took the morning off to watch his memorial service and was deeply moved in many ways. I tried to understand that while never having met Arnie, why I could be moved so significantly and experience so many emotions. It felt like I lost someone close to me. Knowing there are seemingly countless people experiencing this I wanted to try to understand a little better why. One thing I knew seeing the outpouring of love from around the world, this is a very special person. Why are people like me that aren't family or close friends so impacted? He had so many things he was involved with, how did he do it with such grace? How did he have the brightest lights on him, stand on the largest stage in front of the most powerful people and still manage to be one of us?

I am glad I took time to seek answers and look into Arnie and how he led his life. I came away inspired! In our world today it seems there is a shrinking number of people that we can look to for how to live with purpose. The living example he provided can serve us with lessons in humility, grace, politeness and how to care for one another. I know there may never be another Arnold Palmer, at least not in my lifetime. But, I know I will try to live in a manner he did. 

I read Arnie's Wake Forest commencement address and wanted to take and memorize one piece to be a daily rememberance, though there were many. I took something simple, easy to memorize and something Arnie obviously did with greatness.

He said, " So please, go forth from your college careers armed with a determination to truly make our world a better place to live".

Job well done Arnie, thak you for your example!