Stick to golf

My husband, David was invited to a golfing event with the beloved Arnold Palmer, at the Castle Marina in Atlantic City. That evening we were walking through the Casino, when we spotted Mr Palmer playing blackjack. David encouraged me to take a seat next to Mr Palmer which someone with him made available for me To my delight. We had followed his career and saw him at Marlboro CC when he played there.  I was in my glory to be seated next to the King. We chatted for awhile, getting the introduction clear. I was to call him Arnie...He was drinking Jack Daniels on the rocks showing his massive hands as we talked. He held at 16 when the dealer showed 7 or higher....... many times. I said Annie you have to take a card  with  a 16.  He said ..."Gail, I've been playing blackjack for 35 years, I never hit 16" I said "Annie, you know what STICK TO GOLF". We laughed then and the next day when he jokingly told my husband the story and that he tried to  pick me up. I have many pictures of us with the King that day I will cherish forever. We consider ourself blessed to have been in his company and will always have a place in our hearts for him...David & Gail Walsh