How I met Arnold Palmer........twice! 1994 and 2004

I met Mr. Plamer at a drug store in Park City, Utah on my way to play in the Senior Pro Am. We were both shoping for something for our sinus,  I introduced myself and thanked him for all he had provided to his fans.  I told him I was playing with Bobby Stroble.  He told me good things about Bobby.  On thursday we watched Mr. Plamer practice and were sure to be at the first tee in time to see him tee off. He came under the ropes as asked me how I played yesterday with Bobby and he remembered my name. Now fast forward to 2004 and I had finished a business meeting in Greenwich, Conn.  He was coming out of the Grand Hyatt and I heard a buzz while I was waiting for my car.  There he was again and steped up and said.....Mr. Plamer ,,,,,,Park City Utah and Bobby Strobble.  He shookmy hand and said ......I remember you.   And I think he did.  He was such a real person!  Gordon Grote