Your Youth Group

In Huntsville at the Hooters Tournament at the Muni, I had a group of kids stationed between Hole 11 and 12. I made sure the kids understood golf etiquette and what the players were doing as they traverse around the cross. As we waited for the next pairing of players to hit their tee ball on hole 12, a couple approach me and asked me about the kids with me. I explained to the lady and her husband about my program and thanked her for acknowledging us. Out of the modest crowd, we were the only people of color at the course. The lady told us one of the players was her son. She also said that she know Arnold Palmer and asked if I wanted an autograph picture of Arnold Palmer. Of course I said I would appreciate that. I gave her my card.

About a month later, I received a package in the mail. It was this sign picture of the King, Arnold Palmer.