Foxwood Resort and Casino

I am lucky to have a great friend.  He is a "high roller" at Foxwoods.  Quarterly, they have a celebrity dinner and I was lucky to be asked to go with my friend Paul.  He never told me why we were going to Foxwoods, and I actully told him to take someone who would appreciate the gambling, I'm not much of one.  He told me, NO, you are coming with me.  He picked me up, we drove to the casino and still never told me what was happening.  When we got there, he valet parked and there was a placard saying Arnold Palmer celebrity dinner.  I was like a 5 year old on Christmas morning.  There are so many memories of that great day. From having my photo taken with him, a shake of his hand, and being able to thank him for all the great memories..
Bless you Arnold and rest in peace...