Arnold Palmer is my hero. So when he was scheduled to play in the NFL Golf Classic at the Upper Montclair Country Club in New Jersey, I purchased two tickets for me and my son and away we went. A few months earlier while on a business trip I had picked up a newly released book entitled Arnold Palmer "A Personal Journey". Wanting an autograph for my son, I thought it would be a good idea to bring the book along in hopes of getting him to sign it. My son and I followed Mr. Palmer around the course in admiration all afternoon and on completion of his round, went behind the stands towards a roped off walk way leading back to the club house. When we arrived  we found this long row of humanity five or six deep all leaning in attempting to get something autographed or just shake his hand. With no way to squeeze in, we ran behind the crowd towards the end of the rope line. Just as we got there a marshal pulled the rope on a 90 degree angle and we found ourselves standing right where Mr. Palmer was about to go by. Within seconds hundreds of people were reaching over us as Mr. Palmer approached. As he looked up while handing back a signed piece of paper he saw my book. I handed him my pen and he began to sign and walk. Holding onto the book for dear life as he signed, it began to come very close to his face and soon the book and pen were resting on his nose. He looked over at me and with a tiny little smile said "You are going to have to let go of the book". With that a collective sigh was heard from the crowd as they realized he had just signed this wonderful book that everyone wished they had.

I miss him as I miss my dad, God Bless Arnold Palmer.