My Arnie Story Never Happened

Arnie was playing on the Senior Tour at the Nashawtuc country Club in Concord, MA. I was 53 years old and standing outside the ropes by a tee.  Arnie had hit his shot and then walked down the ropes beside the gallery.  He was about a foot or two away from me and was smiling that warm and friendly smile.  He looked me right in the eyes, probably because I was looking him right in the eyes.  My thought was to have some fun with him, by pointing my finger at him and saying, "because of you I've led a miserable existence." I think he would have laughed, and I, and the gallery would laugh too. But the reticent 13 year old me, who had worshipped him, stifled the 53 year old me and the moment passed. In my story, when the laughter had subsided the 13 and 53 year old me would would then point at him again and offer a sincere "you're always going to be the man." Thank you for the opportunity to make may "Arnie Story" real!

(I sent this in incorrectly on my first try, so I beg your indulgence if it should show up twice).