The True Measure of a Man

I have known of Arnold Palmer for at least 35 years.  I have always sensed he was a man of good and solid character.  And, there was something about him that I just connected with on a visceral level.  As I have learned the details of his life the past 13days, through television, his autobiography "A Golfer's Life" and countless articles, the connection has become clearer. Mr. Palmer was real, he was good, he was honorable and it appeared that he was genuinely humbled by the celebration of his accomplishments.  And, it appeared,  he prided himself on living his life in ways that would reflect light, a joy of living and hope, back to others.  He was a man I would have loved to have known. And, in reading about him, it gives me the courage to be more of who I am.  Thank you Mr. Palmer, for modeling how to live a passionate life, directed by compassion and integrity, and based on good moral values. Long live the King.