Love and will miss you KING...

I had the ridiculously good fortune to playing in a fivesome behind Arnie's fivesome at Bay Hill back in 2003... On the 7th hole on the Charger nine I hit an 8 iron directly into the late afternoon sunset that found the bottom of the cup for my 1st ace... Arnold standing near the 8th tee witnessed it... I mean if you could pick someone who else in the entire universe would you pick to attest your 1st hole in one!!!!!... He was so very gracious.. He offered to sign the ball and scorecard which he did when we got into the clubhouse and then practically beg me to go a take a picture with him at the 10 tee where a camera was set up maybe for occasions like this or just to have your picture taken with the KING... In possibly the worst decisions of my life I replied "Nah, Arnie, you've done enough... I guess all of those vodka and Arnold Palmers I'd consumed that day affected my decision making somewhat... We sat with him having libations for an hour or so ....  He treated me and my friends as if he had known us for 60 years instead of 60 minutes... The true definition of a gentleman... My childhood hero has now passed.. Your legacy will never be forgotten... You made everyone that you touched a better person... I love you and will miss you... Thanks for being you King.., Johnny