A True Gentleman

It was the 2001 U.S.Senior Open at Salem Country Club in Peabody Mass.  My wife Debbi was attending the open and as she sat on the grass next to one of the greens, a golf ball landed near her . Not knowing whose it was , she sat there until the player  who hit it showed up. Li and behold , the gentlman who hit was Mr. Palmer.  She stayed very quiet until he hit the shot, from some deep rough, and almost holed out. My wife expressed what a great shot it was. Mr. Palmer , turned , loked her straight in the eye, and said  "Why thank you ma'am.  To this day it was the highlite of her golfing life.  By the way I watched the memorial service on t.v. and to my amazement , when his grandson Sam, said that the grandkids called him "Dumpy" it brought a tear to my eye ,because that is what we used to call my grandfather.