The perfect name

This story doesn't come from a direct interaction with Mr. Palmer, unfortunately. I can only imagine how enjoyable that might've been. Rather, this story comes from his indirect influence. I have been meaning to share this on this site for months, since I had learned of it. Being a avid golf fan, though of a younger generation, is what led me to find this site. Having said that, my fiance is not interested in golf. But,  she does understand that Mr. Palmer was extremely loved by many. So, when the time came to narrow down the potential names list for our then-unborn child, we were going through the "10,000 Names" book and I stumbled across Arne, and I instantly inserted an "i" before the "e" and proposed it, gaining a positive review. Of course, I didn't need any time to ponder whether it worked for me or not, it easily passed my checklist. For her, a few weeks went by and she progressively liked it more and more. Finally, it was the chosen boy name. As fate would have it, on 10/12/16 she gave birth to a boy, and within minutes the nurse asked if we had a name, her response, "Arnie Douglas." 8 months later, I couldn't be happier about our decision. And it is going to be incredibly enjoyable to teach him about Mr. Palmer, who he shares a name with, and all that his life entailed, how he lived his life, and the revered man that he is. Thank you, Mr. Palmer, for being an incredible role model, and I hope that my son, named Arnie, will make us all as proud as you did.