1980 Kemper Open

I was not a golfer. Baseball and football were my favorite sports. A business associate of mine was a golfer and had a couple of passes to the Kemper Open, newly transplanted to Congressional Country Club outside Washington, DC, and asked me to attend. I decided I would join Arnie's Army, I didn't know any other players. We were late getting to the course due to heavy traffic and Arnold had already teed off. He had birdied either the 1st or 2nd hold.  At the third tee, I was shocked when Arnold, waiting for his turn, came over and stood literally elbow to elbow with me.  I couldn't help my self when I asked for his autograph. Sure, he said. I had nothing but a small styrofoam cooler which he signed. I felt guilty, but he made me feel welcome, and signed without the slightest hesitation and shook my hand.  When I got home, I showed the cooler to my wife and literally broke down in tears. I had the autograph of Jack Dempsey and Babe Ruth all in one! God bless you Arnold Palmer!