Met Arnold Palmer at his restaurant in LaQuinta, CA

I was visiting friends for my "60th" birthday, we had a great day of golf and they said we are taking you to a very special place for dinner tonight and hopefully there will be someone there for you to meet.  I brought one my very special bottles of wine with me and as we drove up to the restaurant,  I just felt butterflies, I was so excited that we were at his restuarant.  I asked the person you are hoping for me to meet is Arnold Palmer?  They said yes, they said he is normally in town around this time of the year and will always dine here with his family.  As we walked in, I was so taken back with everything to see and cheerish.  You immediately felt like you were apart of his life and living it with him.   As we walked to our table I noticed a large table and asked if that might be for him and was told they were expecting him, but did not have a time.   Just that fact that I knew I would be sitting in a room with him was more than I could comprehend.   The next thing I knew my friends said look over your shoulder and there he was with his family.  I asked my waiter if I could possibly send a glass of my wine to him, jus to say thank you!  His waiter acknowlege and as I gazed over I notice he did in fact take a sip.  Wow,  as I was coming from the restroom there he was in the lobby of the restuarant greeting people as they were leaving to make sure they had a nice time.  As I was walking past him, he stopped my put his hand and shook my and asked if I had a nice time, I was speechless, I said yes and that this was one birthday I will never forget and told him how much I admire him.  What a night.  In fact after his passing my friends and were texting back and forth remembering that very special night.  What a true gentleman.  Thank you "Arnie"