The Day my family almost ran down Mr.Palmer

It was July 4th 2015 when my family almost ran Mr. Palmer down.Itook my family to Bedford,returning we decided to stay the night in Latrobe. Man that was a good idea.We unpacked and knew that Mr.Palmer's C.Club was not far away. We paid a visit to the club house and took many pictures and read the memories on the walls.We decide to vist to Pro shop,and i purchaced a Latrobe hat for my father.and when laeving the thats where the story gets good.Iwas on the right side of road when my saw a golf cart coming up the same side of road i noticed the person driving the cart had a pink shirt on as it got closer. it was Mr.Palmer i could not get that car in park fast enough before my dad popped out to shake his hand. and i was able to shake his hand also and take this picture.