My unforgettable moment with the Great Mr. Palmer

I met Mr. Palmer at a Senior Tournament at West Chester Country Club - Wester Chester PA in 1993.

All the great were there, as well as the Big Four -  Arnold, Jack, Chee Chee, Gary and Lee. I had an opportunty to recieve three of the big four autographs that morning, except  for Mr. Palmer's. However, God always has unexpected plan we are not aware of yet. I was standing in the club house hallway when I heard someone say, Mr. Plamer is entering the building. You could have heard a pin drop. As I turned to look over my shoulder - Mr. Palmer was next to me. I looked him straight in the eye and said. Mr. Palmer... would you please honor a speacil request, and sign my Tournament Directors jacket. He said of course. However, you need to join me for a beer in the mens locker room. "I felt like I just hit the lottery".  (Pinch me - am I dreaming.... )

We talked for 20 minutes. Or should I say, he interviewed me for 18 minutes,LOL. He ask me, what was my handicap. If I had children. What was my position I held with amatuer golf association - His sincere concern of my life - was if he was treating me as celebrity....  truly a moment I will never forget.  Then he signs the back of my Golf Jacket. His autograph spand 18 inches on the right schoulder. Now the story becomes interesting. At that moment, a security offical bends over in my ear and whispers ( I didn't know what to think - other than I did something wrong) Mr. Nicholaus is on the 17th green shooting a TV Commercial - we would like to essort you to the location to recieve his autograph as well. ( now I know, I am dreaming)

I am the last of six people in line to recieve his autograph. Mr. Nicholaus looks at me and say's... kid, didn't I sign you cap this morning. I said yes... however, would you please sign the back of my golf jacket. My pleasure, he said. To my surprise.... Mr. Nicholaus  see's Mr. Palmer's autograph... bends over and whispers in my ear.... are you telling me - I  have to sign my name bigger than Arnold's...  That day I recieved 50 autographs that I will cherish for a lifetime. However, my conversation with the one and only Great Mr. Palmer  - will resinated in my heart forever.  He truly made me feel  -that we were long lost friends ...  He truly has a KING SIZE HEART! God Bless you Sir.