Polaroid Moment at the Cleveland Open

My future wife and I attended the final round of 1964 Cleveland Open. Arnie was one of the leaders. When he came out of the clubhouse, throngs of Arnie's Army, including us, surrounded Arnie. He could barely get to the first tee. I was able to take a polaroid picture of Arnie when he passed us.  When we got close to him I showed him the picutre and he took time to autogragph it for us.  An anecdote to the story. Arnie and Tony Lima tied at the end of regulation play. There was a sudden death playoff that started on the first tee. There was a creek about 250 yards out that only Arnie and Nicklaus were able to drive over. Arnie stepped up and hit it down the middle, over the creek. Not to be denied, Lima took out his driver and sliced it way right, but the ball hit a bridge and crossed over the creek. Lima went on to birdie the hole and win the tournament.