The Day I Talked To A King

I am 83 years young and as that old saying goes "You never forget the day you talked to the KING "   I graduated from high school in 1951. I was fortunate to be a  golf marshall at Firestone C.C. sometime in the 60's. The golf play of the day was ending when I heard my name called out. I turned to see who was calling and it was one of my high school teachers. We exchanged greetings and he advised me he was now living in Orlando Fl. and retired. His son was a former carrier of our local paper. He commented on the fact that his son was a quite good golfer and since his son was a news carrier of the local newspaper, which just happen to be one of the many promoters of the golf tournament perhaps his son may have an opportunity to  be considered for future entry. I advised him he probably should  talk to Mr. Jack Patterson whom at that time was Director Of Sports  for the local newspaper.  So I took my former school teacher to the Grill Room at Firestone C.C. and sure enough there was Mr. Patterson at a table busy conversing with Mr. Palmer. We waited patiently just outside the Grill Room entry, hoping to talk to Mr. Patterson.  Finally the meeting between Mr. Palmer and Mr. Patterson ended. Mr.Palmer, thinking we were waiting for an autograph started walking right at us. I felt myself backing up until a railing stopped me cold. Next thing I knew there was Mr. Arnold Palmer staring me in the eye and somehow I got the words out. "Mr. Palmer this is Mr. Kelly, his son Al plays on the Tour" The King was gracious and turned his attention to Mr. Kelly. He remarked  "Oh yes I know Al"  I found myself looking for an escape  and he again looked my way and asked "Wheres Winnie"  I answered that" I did not know " as I found the courage to leave. The record books will tell you that Mr. Al Kelly surfaced on the Senior Tour some years later.  My wife and I watched the Memorial Service and we will always remember "The King"  May God Bless his entire family !