Perfect Pebble Day

I will never forget arriving at Pebble Beach at I believe was the 1995 AT&T golf tournament. I entered on the 10th fairway and was stopped by the marshal to wait for the golfs to tee off. All of a sudden I heard this unbelievable sound of someone teeing  off. It was a ball sound I had never heard before. I had been going to this tournament  every year since I was a small child, back then the "Crosby" but I had never heard a ball sound like that. I got so excited,  I said to my girlfriend I have to run down and see who hit that ball! it's amazing. Agreeing with me we waited for the marshal to let us cross and headed down to the 10 tee box. Low and behold, there he was walking up the fairway the King himself  "Arnie."  Still to this day I have never heard or seen a golfer like Arnold.  I will miss him like a close friend, is a gardian angle to all of us that love him.