Mom & Arnie

I just wanted to say that my thoughts & prayers are with the entire Palmer family during this difficult time in your lives. I truley know how you're feeling because we just lost our Mother at the age of 92 right before Christmas. Our story is probally like so many other stories you have heard over the years and that is both my Father & I loved golf and we would sit together and watch it on TV. I grew up in So California and I would take my Mother to the LA Open every year back in the 80's just so she could see Arnie who she loved. Mr. Palmer would always take the time to sign my hat and look my Mom stright in the eyes and that made her day. When the senior Open was held at Riveria CC I took my buddies to watch and we got the pairing sheet when we arrived and it had Mr Palmer teeing off within the hour on #1 tee box so I told my buddies lets go stand sown the right hand side of the fairway because Arnie usallay pushes his first driver and sure enough he did about 280 yeards down the fairway and right in fronth of where we where standing. My busddies couldn't believe that they saw Mr. Plamer up close & personal and he was ALWAYS a gentleman. God Bless Mr. Palmer and may he RIP and perhaps when Arnie when your playing your next round of golf in heaven look to the right and see if my Mom, Mary Tormey is watching you.