Signs My USGA Folder

I had recently visited the USGA headquarters in New Jersey. My Good friend at the time was the head golf professional at Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco, Texas home of the Murata Pro-Am. I knew Mr. Palmer would be attending the tournament so I called Bill(Head Pro) to see if I could come out and get Mr. Palmers autograph. Sure enough Bill said heck yeah, come out Wednesday around noon and wait in the parking lot. Well...I showed up went to the parking lot and sure enough Mr. Palmer pulled up in his tournament Cadillac. I approched him and asked politely would he mind signing my USGA embosed folder. He smiled and said you know I'm the spokes person for the USGA. I said absolutley that's why I would like you to sign it if you don't mind. He did and we began to talk about Stonebriar. We walked back to the trunk of the car and he opened it up and to my surprise the trunk was loaded with clubs. His caddy showed up and Mr. Palmer began to place several clubs into two bags. After that he asked me if I wanted to come down to the practice tee and watch him balls......with a huge smile I said I'd be honored! What a day and what an honor it was to talk, shake hands and watch the KING hit golf balls. You will be missed Mr' Palmer and thanks for the memory!