The Morning I Mourned Our Worlds Loss

This morning when I awoke - I learned that Arnold Palmer had passed away.

I am positively certain that there will millions of people this morning that will feel the same way that I am feeling right now - we have lost one of the greatest persons and countrymen of not only our nation's history but statesmen of the world.

There will be some, not many, who will not connect and will not feel that Mr. Palmer's contributions although great, should rank as important to the country. That will be their opinion and there will be only a few.. and they would be respected by Mr. Palmer for their own opinion as do I respect them for that.

On the other hand, those persons that were blessed to have known him and connected with him at any level or time in their life will know that Mr. Palmer gave us all life lessons that we learned and abide by.

Humbleness, Humanity, Gentlemanly, Fearless, Hardworking, Quality always before Quantity, Kindness, and most of all Equality. We are all equal.. on the course -- off the course. We are equal in life from the greatness of the professional winning the tournament or the greatness and pride in the groundskeeper that raked the bunker sand the morning of the tournament, it makes no difference.

On the golf course and off the golf course, Mr. Palmer had is the station as the King of Golf in real life but seemingly never used it to advance himself selfishly.. selflessly always - Mr. Palmer helped many many people when he could in any way he could.

Mr. Palmer was a rare person that could truly just be one of the guys and the King of Golf.

I was blessed to have been a part of the teams that built at least 11 Arnold Palmer Design golf Courses. I was blessed to have been a part of many events that included being around Mr. Palmer and as I watched him, he represented ALL and more of the brief list of his qualities I listed above.

Mr. Palmer was one of my great heroes in my life and as I extend my condolences to his family and friends and the many many persons in the golf profession that were blessed by his path crossing ours whom will all feel the loss this morning, I can say Mr. Palmer, you will be missed but never forgotten- God has blessed you and all of us because of you.

Thank you