Always an Inspiration

My brother and I attended the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy in 1970.  While golf has always been a strong influence and part of my life.  It was something my brother did not particularly excel at.  He at best was uncomfortable and uncoordinated with a club in his hand.  We attended together when our parents were touring Europe and we needed a place to be occupied at in the mean time.

During our stay, Mr. Palmer of course made an appearance.  Starting with a flyover the facility on his way.  We were treated to a clinic on the practise range and he took great care and patience going from group to group.  At the end of the clinic he wanted to see how we had progressed and invited of all people my brother Pat up to demonstrate what he had learned.  You could have heard a pin drop.

Why him of all people they were thinking!

Pat tentative and embarrased as can be gave it a go.  After a few practise swings you could see the nerves and lack of skill he possessed in comparison to the other players present.  Mr. Palmer gave

Pat his encouragement.  

Never was I prouder of Pat, for under all that pressure he nailed that wedge.

Mr. Palmer's look of astonishment was priceless.