Arnold was the reason I started to play golf

As a very little kid in the mid to late 1960's, I watched golf on TV with my dad.  He liked Arnold Palmer, and of course, Arnold soon became my favorite player.  I remember On Christmas Day, 1968, "Santa Claus" brought me an Arnold Palmer Indoor Golf Game.  Wow, I can still remember how fun it was to play!  I would make my own 'private' golf course in the hallway or the kitchen, hitting that little white styrofoam golf ball with all the power and skill of Arnold himself!   I loved that game.  Unfortunately, the dog ate some of the golf balls, so that was the end of that!  However, that simple game got me hooked on golf.  I soon I got my own set of cut-down used golf clubs and was digging holes in the back yard for my own custom golf course, which didn't go over very well with mom & dad!   Later in life I got good enough to play in USGA  Qualifying Tournaments, but I was never good enough to go any farther.  No matter, I did my best.   In the early 1990's we played golf at Bay Hill.  I was hoping to meet the King, but he wasn't there at the time.  After the round, we went into the bar to have a beer.  In the corner was an upright piano.  I asked the bartender if he would mind if I played a tune or two.  "Absolutely", he said, and I played a few Ragtime tunes.  Playing the piano is my true skill, so that is how, in my own way, I thanked the King.  I really wish I could have met him.  I wish he knew how many lives he touched.  Maybe he did.   Thanks, Mr. Palmer.