Memphis open in hisAero Commander

Worked at Delta Beechcraft in an Avionic Shop.  We got a call to work on a DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) in Arnie's Aero Commander.  I was told to remove the DME for repair.  While removing the DME I noticed white T's scattered around on the floor in the cabin of the aircraft.  Since the DME was mounted under the rear seat in the cabin and since I always used white T's when I played golf, I did not think Arnie would mind me getting a white T.  Was very proud of this trophy so when I got home I put it in top drawer of my dresser.  When my golfing buddies came to my house, I took them in my bedroom to show them my trophy.  I opened my dresser drawer only to find I put my trophy right in the middle of about 50 white T's where I always kept my white T's. Felt so stupid, but it served me right for not asking Arnie for a T.