Being nice to me and my family.

I have to start out with saying that I am a Johnstown, PA boy and that all my life there were two hometown type heros.  One was Jimmy Stewart and of course the other was Arnie.  They both were the most gracious one gentlemen.  I have been fortunate enough to have met them both several times thoughout my life and each time they would take the time to let you know that they cared that you wanted just to say high and wish them well.  The first time I met Arnie was at Oakmount country club near Pittsburgh in the early sixties when I was 9 years old.  I was so nervous that I could hardly speak, yet this guy who was in the midst of a turnament took the time to smile, wait for my stammering request for an autograph and wrote one out for me.  The next time was when the Arnold Palmer Chevy dealership opened on rte. 30 in Latrobe and he was there to great well wishers.  Once again he was so nice to everyone and never lost patience with anyones request for pictures or autographs.  And the last time was when we went to Hunt Valley for a senior's event.  We were early enough to visit the driving range before the start of a round.  We were standing well away from the 3 or 4 players practicing at the far end of the line.  When out walks Arnie with his bag and strolls all the way down to our end.  He stopped and talked about minor stuff including back home and spent special attention to my mother-in-law who just adored him!  To say that he and Jimmy S were not only gentlemen, but the nicest of men is a complete understatement.  There NEVER were nicer gentlemen in this world and to strive to be like other would cure the world of a whole lot of it's troubles!!!!!!!!!!!  Wm Freeburn, a Honerstown guy!