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There's a Place for You in Arnie's Army

Nearly from the start, Mr. Palmer and his wife, Winnie, encouraged his fans to rally behind causes and ideals which transcended golf. The "Army" followed their example, supporting children through the March of Dimes, the Arnold Palmer Hospital, and many worthy causes.

As ever, through our grantmaking and initiatives, the Army carries on the Palmers' devotion to children - especially those facing challenges - and honors their commitment to nature and its ability to enrich and heal us.

We Invite You To Join Us

Your tax-deductible contribution - joined with support from individuals and organizations, the Palmer Family, Arnold Palmer businesses, and funds generated from world-class events - foster active, world-class impactful grantmaking and partnerships. Monthly support is even more critical as it allows us to plan for the future and respond to new opportunities.

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To manage your recurring donation, print a receipt for your records or manage your donation account, visit the foundation members login page.

Legacy Giving

"We can do better and we should do better - for the kids."

arnold palmer

As Mr. Palmer did, you can designate the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation as a beneficiary of your will (or through a living trust, life insurance, or other charitable vehicles) to ensure a #LifeWellPlayed for our children - and theirs. A variety of options also include:

  • Gifts that pay you income for life
  • Gifts that cost you nothing now while reducing future estate taxes
  • Gifts that allow you to give the most that you can at the lowest possible cost

We're happy to explore your ideas. Contact us via phone at 407-876-3944.

CORPORATE SUPPORT. There are countless ways to align your organization with the integrity and mission of the Foundation. From outright giving, to marquee event sponsorship, to team-building through Arnie's Marches, Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation looks forward to working with your organization to realize goals of which we can all be proud. Contact us via phone - or the form provided below.

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