Grandma's Kitchen

My Grandma Mamie was no sports nut , but a friend had told her about " this golfer " .  How exciting he was .  So here was Mamie doing her usual 5 or 7 course dinner on a Sunday when she first gets a glimpse of that golfer on the TV .  Let me give you a primer on Mamie . Nothing stopped the train that was her cooking . This kitchen was " her place in life " .  Friends and relatives would offer to send her to Florida for a week or the whole winter . Ha , no way . Her kitcken did not get shuttered.  But here was this golfer with all the magnetism in the world .  Well the food did not stop but there were many " timeouts " if that golfer was in the hunt on a Sunday . Grandma would put her little 7 inch black and white on the counter and sit a spell .  Yep , it was Arnold .  Nothing had ever derailed her cooking train before he entered our lives . For many years grandma and the rest of us got to watch Arnold . What a gift . Boy , if he was not in the hunt there was plenty of gloom to go around . We looked forward to Arnold doing well .  He did , on and off the course . Well I am a sports nut but the only autograph I ever went after was from Arnold Palmer ....