I met Arnie at The Coral Springs Open Golf Tournament

I was 7, and my Dad and I were walking from the car to the Clubhouse at my first ever live sporting event. My Dad recognized a player getting his clubs from  his trunk. We walked over to Mr. Palmer, me with my program in hand,  and Dad says, Bruce, this is Arnold Palmer and I bet he'd sign your program if you asked him. Hello, Mr. Palmer, I said, would you sign my program? On the cover there is a shot of a green with a nearby water hazard. Arnold Palmer said to me, "My friends call me Arnie, so you call me Arnie. And I'm signing my name right here in the water, because that's probably where I'll be most of the day. ". We all laughed, and I told him thank you, not knowing The King (before he was deemed such) had just shook my hand, tussled my hair, signed my program with great humor, and told me to call him Arnie like his friends did. Talk about a memory. My Dad passed away Feb. 14th of this year, but this memory of He and Arnie and I will please me forever.