I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Palmer But...

As a young business professional looking to gain any kind of ground in the tough world we live in today, I needed a roll model to be able to look up to. Mr. Palmer was about as perfect of a roll model as I could have. There are countless stories out there of Mr. Palmer's unmatched charisma, and his ability to make a strong connection with anyone he ever came in contact with. He was much more then just a golfer or businessman, he was an icon. His way of life is something that I will now have the ability to attempt to mirror as I go forward in life. I can only dream to leave half the impact on this world that Mr. Palmer has left, but I can not thank him enough for paving a path for me to follow. I look forward to learning more about the life of Mr. Palmer, and will continue to try to make him proud as I go through the ups and downs of life. Thank you Arnie.