a lifetime of memories

i was raised by a single mom. in the middle 60"s i was 11 years old. back then the only tv coverage was an occasional

golf tournament. i would follow the results in the newspapers. i had many male role models not having a father figure.

Dean Smith, Mickey Mantle, John Wooden, Jerry West. But the one that affected my the most as far as the way he

affected people by his persona and his demeanor was Arnold Palmer. I followed him all my life. I saw a special about 6

months ago about his life. I saw where he would answer all of his letters. I thought, someone with all the duties and

things going on in his life, he would take time to do that. What an amazing testimony to his character. I filled out an

envelope to send a request for one of my grandsons to get an autographed picture. I lost the letter and time kinda

went by. A few weeks ago i saw a rerun of it in commemoration of his birthday. I remembered my letter. The next morning I rewrote my letter and sent it off. I even enclosed a check to help pay for postage and handling since I had seen he had paid for postage and the amount that he had sent. Just 5 days before he passed away I got the autographed picture in the mail with the check I had written sent back to me. I am going to have the picture framed

and give it to my grandson for Christmas. I hope that in someway my grandson can touch someones life in his adulthood the way Arnold touched mine. Thanks for all the wonderful memories Mr. Palmer.