17th Tee

A few days after his tournment at BayHill, I was sitting on the patio at my cousin Bob Ryan's place overlooking 17.  It was a beautiful afternoon and  I noticed Arnold and his friends coming down 16.   After putting out and heading toward the 17th tee, I decided to walk to the gate leading to the tee box to watch Arnold hit.   Getting to the gate there was Arnold and his friends still in their golf carts, in the shade,  ON THE TEE BOX.  He looked over at me and I just said... I just came to watch you hit.  He just smiled and said, "We're just enjoying the shade waiting for the green to clear... and we're going to hit from the forward tee."    Someday I will have that memory painted in oil.   Mr. Palmer in his golf cart ON the 17th tee box.   The tee marker will read 219 yards...   And I think I just might put myself in the cart with Mr. Palmer.  Over the last 11 years I've had the opportunity to talk to Arnold a time or two after his tournment.  I live in California and visit my cousin during the tournament... always a good time.   Mr. Palmer always talked to me like I was his friend... I will always have those memories.  And... someday a painting titled:  Mr. Palmer ON THE 17 TEE.