My visit to Bay Hill and meeting Arnie

I was invited to play Bay HIll by a business associate/member of Bay Hill about 3 months after ACL surgery.  We played and then went to the grill for a beverage.  As it was mid-week, the grill was not busy and in a few Arnie walks into the room, talks to another group, and then comes to our table.  He is the host, regardless of where he was.  He called my host by name and I was introduced to Arnie.  He sat down and joined us for a beverage.  He asked what I thought of the course and how did I do.  I told him I had two goals for the day.. break 90 and have the same ball at the end as I had at the beginning.  He smiled and asked 'so how did you do?'  I said I shot 90 and still had the ball.  He complimented me as only he could do, signed my ball and at that time I was a member of Arnie's Army for ever.  I watched his Memorial service and wept.  I stood on the first tee this year with tears in my eyes as Billy Payne laid Arnie's green jacket on the chair and introduced Kat Palmer.  Arnie was and will always be the King!!