My time with Arnie- the man who cared

I'm sitting here after just watching the memorial service for Arnold Palmer. What a legacy for a man that touched so many people with a positive message of love and respect no matter who you were!!  I was blessed to have met Arnie a few times over the years because of his connection to Business Aviation. It was an honor every time. 

To listen to Russ Meyer talk about all of his records and accomplishments in aviation gives you chill bumps. Then Jim Nantz talking about all those years of being at the Masters and other tourneys.  The connection that he made with everyone was sincere and true!

His grandson, Sam Saunders talked about always getting that call when he needed it the most or Arnie always answering his call and even when he was sitting with the President of the United States. 

Then Jack Nicholas talking about their rivalry but they we're still friends and held great respect for each other. 

Everyone talks about it but he truly enjoyed to meet you and was totally committed to talking with you if you made the effort to say hello or to meet him.

His Business Aviation connection was special because he was an aviation enthusiast and a promoter of our entire industry. I was lucky enough to actually go to their hangar and meet Pete Luster there. The Latrobe airport is just a beautiful airport. 

Whether it was at the latest Citation Operator Conference or at the Garrett Aviation Masters Tournament hospitality suite, he would be there to talk to you or sign a Masters flag or a poster and say thanks for saying hello and asking for that famous signature.  He would always have that hug for María Santos because he remembered all of those friends and her support through all those years. 

God Bless you Arnie!  You have an Arnie's Army member for life!  A life well lived Arnie!!