Thank you, Mr. Palmer. You touched the hearts of generations

I have never cried so much after the passing of someone I didn't know, and during a memorial I was not able to attend, as I have for Arnold Palmer. But then again, if you saw Arnold, you knew Arnold. My encounter with Mr. Palmer was very brief.  I was proudly part of Arnie's Army while watching him play at Canterbury here in Cleveland during his early days on what was then, the Senior Tour. He passed by my Dad and me while walking from the green to the next hole, and my Dad not realizing he was walking by, accidently stepped into his path, lightly stepping on Arnold's foot. Arnold kind and gracious as ever, extended his arm, smiled and kindly said "pardon me." Years later my everlasting affection for Arnold Palmer showed through my ten-year old daughter Isabella this past week as showed up for her golf lesson the Saturday after Arnold's passing and revealed to her pro that she was sad that Arnold Palmer was no longer in the world, so as a tribute to him, she wanted to play Bay Hill on the golf simulator. I couldn't be more proud of her and the incredible affect and legacy Arnold Palmer has left on her and millions he never even got to meet.